Classic Casino Slots

Classic casino slots and their features

Classic casino slots secret of popularity

Over a hundred years passed since that time when classic casino slots appeared, but still, gamblers are ready to spin reels of these machines with the main idea in their heads: to win a jackpot.

Moreover, developers are returning to classics from time to time, diluting its different additions from the present. All this suggests that interest in classic slots casino games is still high.

Classic casino slots features

Traditionally, gaming machines with one (maximum 5 paylines), 3 reels and Fruit, &, Bars, and Berries symbols are called classic casino slots. The lack of numerous bonus functions does not become a reason not to play them. These simplest machines do not give up — players choose them as often as they pick modern VR games.

It might seem strange considering the fact that they are significantly different from modern games: less fuss, no flashy graphics, complex animation, and endless amounts functions. Playing them is easy and enjoyable, although this is only “for fun”. Sometimes they may seem too primitive. However, as the number of reels and paylines is limited, it is easy to see if a player wins or not. Therefore, even a beginner, the person, who never played any casino game, can understand how to play classic casino slots free.

Often, the simpler the slot machine, the higher its theoretical return is. These machines are also characterized by the fact that they often have high dispersion. That means that winnings, although irregular, are big. Thus, they are chosen for this reason and for those ones:

    – Comfort for newcomers; – No “extra” unnecessary information that distracts from the gaming process; – Symbols are the same in different games.

After all, someone who knows nothing about gambling can find the needed data in a Paytable.

Why do people still pick them?

Most slots classic Vegas casino games also suitable for beginners, because, minimum rates there are usually lower than in modern video slots. So, a newbie will not spend much money. The presence of 1-5 lines means that a 1-cent bet is OK there, and n modern slots, it is often impossible to change the number of lines, therefore, the bets are higher initially. Besides, if today developers are releasing classic slots, they add bonus features to them. Scatter is often used — it activates additional spins.

Thanks to their minimalism, classic casino slots look great on mobile Android devices. Anyone can play them without registration using demo mode: Google Play has a bunch of free classic casino slots’ apps.

The best 5 classic slots ever

Despite the presence of thousands of these games online, some of them remain popular for years. They attract people with simplicity and the possibility to win real money fast. These are:

  1. Classic 777 Slots — Microsoft classic casino slots app;
  2. Super 7 developed by SA Gaming;
  3. Sevens and Fruits by Playson;
  4. Fruit Spin by NetEnt;
  5. Lucky Fruits by GameScale.

The RTP there is always over 96%, and the minimum bet starts from a cent. Besides, these are exactly these games, which are offered by most casinos for fun.

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