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Classic casino games and their main features

Classic casino games by categories

It could be expected that with the appearance of VR and 3D slots classic casino games would lose their popularity, but it did not happen. Moreover, not only old-school gamblers but newbies often pick exactly these slots that have the simplest gameplay and interface. This simplicity does not affect the results: these are exactly classic casino games that bring gamblers their desirable jackpot.

Classic casino games features

Modern simplest slots are the variants of popular classic games called one-armed bandits due to their construction. Simply years ago, the land casino visitors, choosing these gaming machines had to pull their lever arm down. After that, the reels (mostly 3) started rotation. If a gambler managed to see a “777” combination on the screen, it was a great victory and a jackpot was paid to him. The rest casino visitors would hear the sound of coins (chips) falling down and it was a great temptation to make more bets to get the same prize.

Classic games by categories

Besides these “bandits” casino gamblers used to play card games often. Blackjack and Poker that could be met only in real land casinos, also refer to classic casino games. Now, a diversity of these entertainments including video slots and live games is offered online. They did not lose popularity. Vice versa, their fame now is great: worldwide Poker tournaments with prizes, which reach million dollars is the simplest proof for it. They can be divided into the following categories:

  • 777 or Fruit machines;
  • Classic casino games with a bonus function added;
  • Vegas games with the jackpot.

Bonus slots have a huge number of options, various types of games, a higher percentage of winnings and a mandatory bonus when entering the game. Free online slot machines with jackpots allow players to increase winnings every second. They are divided into two categories — with regular and fixed winnings. Progressive types of gaming machines conquer players with an incredible jackpot, as well as a diverse line of the game.

Most popular classic slots

There are thousands of gaming machines that are based on classic casino games. The vast majority of them are called Vegas slots. Card games are represented by Video Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat simulators. Here are the examples of the games, which can be considered classic ones.

  1. Lucky 7 by BetSoft. This is one of the oldest classic games (created in 2009). The winner gets 5 thousand coins, and he deals here with 3 reels and Bars, Sevens and images of berries and fruit on them.
  2. Jackpot 6000. This is a high volatility NetEnt game with 3 reels, 5 paylines, and the biggest 60 thousand prize.
  3. Vegas Reels by Wazdan has only one payline, but the winner here gets 100 thousand! Naturally, to win this prize, he has to bet high (100 coins per line).
    1. Each respected casino has classic casino games in its portfolio. Moreover, they can be played for free: the best gaming resources have a Demo mode of these slots.

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